Tray Slides for Cafeterias
Cafeteria Plate Rests

Cafeteria Style Wide Tray Slides

Buffet Tray Slides

Our Galleyline 11" Cafeteria Tray Slides are designed to last. Constructed from Solid Stainless Steel, these 11" Deep, Fold Down tray slides have 3 Raised Reinforced Ribs & a Backing Plate to prevent spillage from dripping down the front of the serving module. One Tray Slide Locking Clamp is included to Lock & Align the Tray Slides.

Wide Tray Slides

Buffet Style Narrow Tray Slides & Plate Rests

Cafeteria Plate Rests

These next generation sleek and stylish 8" wide narrow parts are used for tray slides and plate rests in upscale locations. They fold down for cleaning and lift up when in use. They are heavy duty stainless steel and lock together on the ends with locking clamps that are included. Standard stainless heavy duty hinges are included. Galley's tray slides and plate rests are built to National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Standards.

Narrow Tray Slides & Plate Rests